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Welcome to the Derry History Museum

We invite all who are interested in local, state or national history to visit our museum. Here we celebrate the town where Robert Frost said “life is the best on earth.” For nearly 300 years our town has been a economically vibrant community and home to a dozen generation of hard working men and women. We have also been home to such luminaries as General John Stark who coined the phrase “Live Free or Die”, Matthew Thornton ,a signer of the Declaration of Independence, education pioneer Mary Lyon and astronaut Alan Shepard.

More then any other town in New Hampshire, Derry has changed dramatically over the last forty years. The march of “progress” has changed much of the landscape of the town. The hills, where once a thousand cows grazed, have now been covered with apartment complexes and housing developments. Some former residential neighborhoods are now home only to strip malls, fast food restaurants and car lots. Every year an ever increasing number of intersections are taken over by new pizza parlors and gas stations. Roads that were designed for horses and wagons are now clogged with automobiles.

The Derry Museum will bring the visitor back to quieter times. For those who are new to the area, the museum will allow them to better understand the traditions and experiences that have helped made the town “New Hampshire’s place to be.” For the long-time resident the Museum will bring back many happy memories of times past in a gentler era.


Featured Artifact
Featured Artifact - Momemto of the First Irish Potato

This is a momento commemorating the birthplace of the first Irish White Potato - planted right here in Derry, NH, back in 1719!

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